Youtube Questions:

All our music is protected with ContentID the copyright service from Youtube. Why we do that? Because we need to have full control over our music to support you and help you with copyright claims.

1. How does it work?

You download the music you like from our site and put it into your Youtube Video.

2. I got a Claim!

Yes that is the charming way of Youtube to tell you that the music is copywritten. But don´t worry about that!

3. Dealing with claims

After you got a copyright claim you have two choices:

- simply ignore it:Youtube will put an advertise banner over your videos and we get our 2 cents from that. You will not be able to monetize the video for yourself.

- get a license from us:if you don´t want advertising on your videos just drop us an mail with the music you want to license and your name and the link to the video (or other usage purpose). Then we are able to unclaim your video and you can monetize it. You can obtain a license through our online shop here at:

General Questions:

1. Is the music free to use?

Yes it is! You are allowed to use the music in non-commercial or private projects.

2. Is your music registered with any PRO (perfoming rights organisations) like ASCAP, BMI, GEMA, SUISA etc..

No it is not! All music on our site is royalty free and we hold 100% of all copyrights

3. I cannot download anything!

You have to create an account to be able to download our music. If not you can still listen to it without registration.

4. Do I have to give credits when using your music?

Yes please! In the spirit of Fair-Use please spread the word and link our site, add some tags to your video and share our music.
Credits could look like: Music from

To keep up with our free productions we heavily rely on your support!

5. How can I support you further?

You can support us when playing our music via Spotify, purchase some albums from Bandcamp or get a license for commercial in case you need a license-document or don´t want to have advertising banners on your Youtube Channel.

6. Do you offer licensing for your music?

Yes we do. Why you should license a track?

- you want to use our music for a commercial project
- you´ll support us directly and we can keep up our service
- you need a license document as proof (mainly for commercial projects) that the music is royalty free
- you don´t want to have advertising on your Youtube Videos

7. What licenses do you offer for commercial usage?
We offer two simple licenses for commercial usage. You can take a closer look at the General Terms page or at our shopsite at

8. How can I obtain a license?

Just head over to our webshop at

9. Is something forbidden when using your music?

Sure there are some things to mention. You are not allowed to sell, distribute or license any original music as simply audiofile (mp3, wav. ogg etc..). This means you have to combine the music with any kind of other media like Videos, Audiotales etc. If you want to use our music commercially you have to obtain a license.
If you want to sell an Imagefilm with our music you are allowed to when having a commercial license.
You are allowed to upload your free non-commercial audiotale with our music in the background. If you want to sell the audiotale you´ll need a license.
You are NOT allowed to put our music in additon to a Webtemplate you sell. (even with a license as this is strictly forbidden)

10. Playlists

We have setup some Playlists covering specific topics (e.g. Nature) for you. These are public playlists and you are able to add additional music you think that fit into this category. Please treat them wisely as they are meant to help you and other creators to find quicker what you are looking for....

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